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There are very few businesses that have lasted for 50 years and Marcellina’s is one of them.

Starting from their first location in Hindley Street, it has now blossomed into a 12 store franchise with plans to expand interstate.

Marcellina’s has been open since 1967 but it was in 1973 that Brian Aoukar took over as owner. He says “back in 1967 when Marcellina first opened the Marcellina special 9″ pizza sold for 80 cents.”

And today, Monday June 5, Marcellina’s selling their pizzas for 80 cents between 11am and 4pm.

Brian’s daughter, Ally, and son-in-law Ray, hosted us for a pizza making session at Marcellina, Hindley Street.

We were supplied a pizza base and then took it from there.

The table was covered in beautiful fresh ingredients, local ingredients wherever possible.

I covered the base with tomato sauce and then I’m told to add cheese!

Then the rest of the toppings…

And then off to the oven.

And what came out was something pretty special – that I created with all the beautiful ingredients Marcellina’s supplied.

What a lot of fun!!


**I was an invited guest.