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Fork on the Road featured at the opening of Tasting Australia on Sunday May 1st with more than 20 food trucks converging on the Town Square, Victoria Square, Adelaide.

Running from 11am to 5pm, these food trucks complimented the local food outlets open in the Town Square. This is a great opportunity to check out the great local produce on offer from these mobile food vans.

Victoria Square was closed off to through traffic and the food trucks set up.

We popped in for lunch and shared a couple of dishes.

From Delectaballs, the new feta stuffed lamb meatball slider with tomato sauce and tzatziki. Yum!!

From Burger Theory, a beef burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese and truck sauce. The original and best!


From Pop! a Cubano with mojo pork, gypsy ham, pickles, Monterey Jack cheese and mustard. A little spicy and so delicious.

From La Chiva, a Copacabana roll with pulled Angus beef (slow cooked in local beer and spices) and fresh citrus guasacaca mayo, baby spinach and smoked capsicum salad with cheesy batatas (sweet potato fries). The meat was so tender and the spinach and capsicum added nice freshness.

From Wienerbago, German gourmet wieners, a kids Vienna dog with cheese and sauce. Certainly kept our son happy!

Inside the Town Square we popped in to Coal Cellar + Grill to try some bourbon and chipotle ribs. OMG! They were amazing. So tender and full of a smokey bbq flavour along with the bourbon and chipotle.

For dessert we finished off with a visit to ChurrOZ for some churros with a chocolate dipping sauce! Simple and delicious.

And a lemon and sugar crepe from Coffee and Crepes. Warm, sweet and tangy.

While in the Town Square we stopped by the wood oven to take a look. The coals used to light the oven were taken from 3rd generation baker, Corey Fechner of Apex Bakery in Tanunda. The coals have been burning for more than 90 years. Over the period of Tasting Australia the oven was utilised by a variety of bakers and chefs.

While Tasting Australia is over for another year, Fork on the Road hold a variety of events over the year. Check their Facebook page for more details. And Tasting Australia is now an annual event. Looking forward to next years event already!