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Vietnamese Laundry is not what it seems.

It’s not a laundromat – well not any more. It’s a Vietnamese street food restaurant at the site of a former laundromat, in Sturt Street, Adelaide.


Owners Alex and Tin toyed with the idea of opening an eatery/bar and when the opportunity arose they snapped up the site. Along with Julia from Zomato, they hosted a meet up of food bloggers to check out this place.

Vietnamese_Laundry03And it wowed me!

We started with cocktails, including what has become a favourite of mine in recent years, the lychee mojito – strong, sweet lychee flavour with white rum, mint and ice. Very refreshing.

Vietnamese_Laundry05We tried a tasting cup of Pho. The beef broth takes two days to prepare and it was served to us with noodles, a thin slice of beef and onion. It was the most amazing, well-balanced Pho I have ever tasted – delicately flavoured, with a hint of star anise. I’m looking forward to going back and have a big bowl of this.

Vietnamese_Laundry06Next up, grilled mussels with spring onion oil and peanuts. The mussels were soft and the peanuts added a lovely crunch. These aren’t on the menu yet, but we all agreed they should be, so keep an eye out.

Vietnamese_Laundry07Flower jasmine tea was poured at the table and this had a delicate flavour – once again, not overpowering.

Vietnamese_Laundry08Next up, lettuce cups served with roast pork and lemongrass chicken. This is always a fun dish. Grab a piece of crispy iceberg lettuce, add rice vermicelli noodles, cucumber, pickled carrot, mint, coriander and either chicken or pork with a dash of dipping sauce. A great blend of flavours and textures.

Vietnamese_Laundry09We shared a tasting plate. The lotus chips were crispy and added a nice crunch. The soft shell crab golden cups were my favourite on the plate; nice and crunchy with good crab flavour. Whole prawn skewers coated with young green flake rice; traditionally these are cooked whole with the head and shell, which is not normally my favourite presentation for prawns, but these were crunchy and quite enjoyable. Pork ribs, soft and tender and something to get your teeth into. And finally, steamed buns, lovely and soft, with meat, fresh cucumber and carrot.

Vietnamese_Laundry10Vietnamese_Laundry11We finished with a fruit platter. A dessert menu is currently being developed for the upcoming warm weather.

The food we enjoyed was simple, fresh Vietnamese street food and full of flavour. I look forward to returning with my family and enjoying a big bowl of Pho!

**I was an invited guest.


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