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It’s been one year since I started my food blog Goodfoodthyme and I’ve loved every minute of it! Something that started as a holiday project to cook a new recipe every day of my four-week holiday inspired me to start a food blog.

Looking back over my posts, the most popular one so far was my report on Laura Cassai cooking at the Adelaide Central Market. How spoilt was I being able to try some of Laura’s cooking?! I’ve got another post coming soon about Laura’s new cookbook and some of the recipes I’ve been trying – so keep a look out for that one.


I’ve shared recipes for two different sorts of pancakes, breakfast rolls, Spanish baked eggs, cooking with pistachios, making macarons for the first time and how to turn dinner to stock, then to soup.

choc_orange_pancakes01 If you’re a foodie then you’re usually into all aspects of food and food culture, and for me this includes films. I’ve been fortunate enough to see That Sugar Film, Chef and The Hundred-Foot Journey. All good films to see, but not on an empty stomach!

chef-movie-banner-webI’ve been to some fantastic events and launches. Like many people I love sushi and I thoroughly enjoyed my two visits to Sushi Planet, as well as two (or more) visits to The Curious Squire for their southern American menu. I’ve visited some great bars – Laneway, The Taxpayer and The Loft all have something special to offer – and many, many restaurants and cafes! sushiplanet_3701 2 I’ve learnt about all aspects of gin and tonic water and now I enjoy gin and tonic more often than before. And there are truly some brilliantly creative people when it comes to mixing cocktails, with the Collins Bar showcasing some of their new ones. Four_Pillars_Gin_9

I’ve been to a progressive lunch, a cheese and wine night, cocktail launches, new menu launches, the Tour Down Under and the wonderful Willunga Farmer’s Market.

Adelaide really does have an incredibly diverse and ever-evolving food scene, with passionate people working in and enhancing this industry with their talent.

I look forward to Adelaide’s changing food scene in the next 12 months, attending Tasting Australia in 2016 and even heading to Malaysia and Singapore and checking out some culinary delights. I hope to visit more restaurants and cafes and will try to create new dishes.

Along the way I’ve met some wonderful people and passionate foodies, including chefs, restaurateurs, promoters, fellow food bloggers and other local bloggers; and I’ve received some lovely feedback from readers.

Thank you to all my supporters and subscribers. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and I hope it has inspired your taste buds.

And a big thanks to my family and friends, putting up with my constant talk about food, for being taste testers and allowing me to take photos of their food before they tuck in. An eight-year-old can be quite blunt about whether he likes or dislikes a dish, but his tastes have evolved and he now loves sushi.

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Thank you!