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There’s a new sushi place in Adelaide and it’s off this planet!

A contemporary Japanese restaurant, Sushi Planet, specialises in making the freshest sushi and Japanese charcoal grilled skewers (yakitori).

sushiplanet_3713 2

Sushi planet is located on the corner of West Terrace and Waymouth Street in Adelaide, and they also deliver!

Sushi Planet is a modern open space with polished concrete floors, wood features, wood table and chairs, downlights, and some low hanging lights over a communal bench with stools. Tables and red chairs adorn the outside area for more seating options. The kitchen is open and you can see the many chefs at work rolling sushi or on the grill.

sushiplanet_3717 2A cranberry champagne kicked off the evening and I noticed the large dishes of wasabi and pickled ginger. We were in for a good night!

sushiplanet_3695 2There were so many trays of sushi brought out for us to share, it was difficult trying to get photos of it all. But suffice to say, it was so fresh and flavoursome – there was nothing I didn’t like.

The salmon nigiri had soft, fresh salmon delicately place over sushi rice.sushiplanet_3705 2The aburi salmon nigiri once again had soft fresh salmon placed on sushi rice, but just touched with some heat and drizzled with teriyaki sauce.

sushiplanet_3707 2The kingfish nigiri looked so invitingly fresh, and it was so soft to eat.

sushiplanet_3709 2Sushi Planet has introduced quinoa into some of its sushi products, including these veggie quinoa and salmon quinoa rolls.  It added a nice texture to the rice and wasn’t too unusual in the rice mixture.

sushiplanet_3703 2The crispy shrimp and California rolls were a favourite…

sushiplanet_3699 2…as were the aburi salmon rolls.

sushiplanet_3701 2Since the opening I have returned with my family for sushi and yakitori and they loved it!  But if you don’t feel like making the trip, Sushi Planet can deliver right to your door, whether you’re in the city or suburbs. Either order online or via phone. A minimum delivery order amount applies. Check their website for more details.sushiplanet_3720 2

** I was an invited guest