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My Kitchen Rules on Channel 7 has finished and immediately MasterChef Australia has started on Channel 10 with the selection of the Top 24.

I love seeing the audition process; watching where the contestants come from, connecting with their stories, seeing their driving passion.

In tonight’s episode (12 May) we had the elimination challenge with four contestants: Deepali (WA), Jamie (NSW), Nick (NSW) and Scott (SA).


Shannon Bennett from Vue de monde set this challenge. Bennett put up a dish from a three-star Michelin restaurant, Filet De Bouef Et Pommes Souffle Au Jus Gras.

A scary dish and Bennett himself says, “there’s one technique that still scares me a little bit”.


All contestants managed to plate up the dish with all excelling in certain aspects of the recipe.

Unfortunately for Deepali she was eliminated – too many aspects of her dish went wrong for her tonight.

It’s great that MasterChef Australia provides links to the recipes. I’m looking forward to trying to recreate this dish at home – not sure about the pommes soufflés though!

Tomorrow night: the first team challenge. What can go wrong!?

* Images courtesy Channel 10