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The smell of zucchini slice baking in the oven is wafting through the house.

My son loves it! He won’t eat zucchini but will eat the slice.

tammii_portrait_webHi. My name is Tammii Caught and welcome to my blog goodfoodthyme!

I love food!

I love cooking, I love cooking for other people, I love eating and I love trying new foods.

Because of this developing passion over the past 40 years I have decided to share this love of food.

Some days I don’t feel like cooking at all, but other days I’ll riffle through all my cookbooks for something new and different to make, or I’ll plan a three-course dinner.

My husband and son are often the taste testers!

I work in the media in Adelaide and this has allowed me to meet a number of my food idols – including the amazing Heston Blumenthal!

I don’t often get star struck when I meet celebrities, but knowing that Heston was coming into my work, I was beside myself.

tammii_heston_webI had been watching and reading and learning about this experimental chef for years.

When we found out he was coming to Australia for a live show – we had to go! We saw him in Sydney in 2011.

He’s so passionate about food and seems to think about it and work with it in such a different way. He makes you think about things differently.

During this show there was an interval and we left the theatre. Upon returning to our seats there was an envelope:

heston_envelope_webHeston then proceeded to talk about his dish ‘Sound of the sea’ which he serves at his restaurant The Fat Duck in London. It’s the dish that you eat while listening to sounds of waves crashing on an iPod. Heston also talked about the sense of smell and how it can evoke different memories.

At that point we were told to open the envelope and smell. To me, it smelt like a lolly or sweet shop and my Nana’s pantry. My husband’s memories were different to mine and so were everyone else’s.

Everybody’s senses are different and therefore everyone has a different experience with food. While my son won’t eat zucchini (unless it’s in a slice), for others it’s their favourite vegetable. Hopefully his taste buds will develop further and will learn to eat zucchini in other dishes.

Some things I cook I love and others not so much. (More of that in another blog!)

I’m going to write about my cooking, recipes I’ve tried, cook books I’ve read, restaurants I’ve eaten at and foodie events I’ve attended.


I hope you enjoy goodfoodthyme – good food, good times all the time.